Fun Is Good.
Feed The Brain.
Yum, Brain Candy!

78 x 36 Productions is a creator and developer of gaming and entertainment applications.

*Life Is A Game - Play It!

We aim to be the best indie developer of creative engaging applications devoted to gaming and entertainment driven markets of all platforms, in particular mobile. Just Tap to Start.

*Tap To Start

We are a gaming and entertainment application development company with our focus primarily set on iOS and Android platforms available in multiple app stores, Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and OUYA. Which brings us to the yummy brain candy part.

*Yum, Brain Candy!

Our purpose as a gaming and entertainment company is to forge together the best of casual games and the lifestyle productivity of entertainment apps, to create a unique application style.

Definition of Brain Candy: material that is thought provoking, but in a pleasant way, so as to solicit mental growth. 78 x 36 Productions + Games + Entertainment = Yum, Brain Candy!



Imperial Millennium® MEDINA

First in our Imperial Millennium series, is MEDINA is a casual gaming App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Embark on an all new adventure through an exotic land to find your inner sheikh.



Ask The 10S REF Is here to help anytime, any court, anywhere. Tennis reference guide.


Star Struck

Hollywood Celebrity Tour USA, The Movie Star Hot Spot Location Guide.


Mind The Queue