Star Struck Hollywood Celebrity Tour USA, The Movie Star Hot Spot Location Guide

Hot Spots from Hollywood to New York City are illuminated as well as an insider's guide to reliving your favorite feature film or TV scene or just catching a glimpse of your favorite celebrity's watering spots.
For movie lovers and celebrity star watchers, this app is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android on Google Play or Amazon App Store.

Star Struck App Image

Star Struck App Image

Easy to find guide to the most important backdrops used to film movies 2011 Movie Releases - 2011 Oscar Winners- Tours - Landmarks - Pop Culture


StarStruck Celebrities Maps is the exciting and quick way to find actual film locations made famous by popular box office movie hits.


Movie and other Pop Culture Locations in the LA Area- HOLLYWOOD, BEVERLY HILLS, MALIBU; also locations made famous in the NEW YORK CITY area.  As well as other popular and unknown locations located in Oregon, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois. Updates coming soon!

Key Game Features

Our own unique HOT SPOTS guide to HOT PLACES in locations LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville, Jackson Hole. Instantly find where your favorite celebrity eats and find locations that movie stars and celebrities love to visit- Shopping (Rodeo Drive), Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

  • Restaurants Stars Own in LA, SF & NYC, Like which 'American Idol' superstar owns which restaurants in LA.
  • Restaurants Stars Frequent in LA & NYC, and other cities. Like where Lady Gaga hopped on a piano and performed an impromptu set of jazz in NYC, 'Twilight's', stars hangouts in Vancouver, 'The Hill's' Favorite Locations.
  • Classic Los Angeles Locations plus an easy guide how to get there, like 'Iron Man' and Robert Downey, Jr. sitting inside the giant donut hole at Randy's Donuts, or 'Pulp Fiction's' famous diner in the Valley' or where Michael Jackson met his demise in Beverly Hills.
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  • Feel like a star in the comfort of your own car, no hopping on or hopping off!
  • Wondering where the pads of yesterday's magnates as well as today's widely recognized 'former' enclaves are?
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